PhD Program in Management, Finance and Accounting – 33rd cycle 2017/18

Director: Raffaella Manzini


Program Overview and output profiles

The Program trains researchers so that they can interpret business phenomena in an integrated way, using the general methodological principles for quantitative and qualitative research in the social sciences, with the perspectives offered by the subject areas of management, finance and accounting, industrial engineering.

The Program aims at preparing researchers with the ability to:

  • study complex business phenomena and market dynamics with advanced multi-purpose methodological tools;
  • make use of a robust analytical instrumentation, to obtain research results academically rigorous and professionally relevant;
  • identify innovative research topics and develop original results of interest to the scientific and professional community.

The Program admits a maximum of nine students.

Esselunga S.p.A. funds a scholarship with research topic on: “Study of the opportunities and ways to use analytics data and simulation to support the planning of the activities of the centres of production and/or sales”.

One of the nine places is aimed at the realisation of the project “The process of internationalization of SMEs – the penetration of Italian companies in the German market and German companies in the Italian market” under an agreement with the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany.

Online application closed – Deadline 30 May 2017 at 17:00 CEST


Enrollment to second and third year

Phd student is considered regularly enrolled after Faculty Board approval and yearly regional tax payment.
Making regional tax payment Phd student meets the requirement to present enrollment form.


Previous years

Previous years – Documentazione relativa a corsi di anni accademici passati



Call for the Mobility of Phd Students – 2017/2018 (ita, eng)
Documents to download and fill in:

  • Attachment 1: Application Form (ita, eng)
  • Attachment 2: Research and/or study programme (ita, eng)
  • Attachment 3: Contribution Form (ita, eng)

Bando per la mobilità dei dottorandi di ricerca a.a. 2017/2018 (pubblicato il 22/11/2017, termine per la presentazione delle domande: 6/12/2017)
Documenti da scaricare e compilare:

  • Allegato 1: Application Form (ita, eng)
  • Allegato 2: Research and/or study programme (ita, eng)
  • Allegato 3: Contribution Form (ita, eng)

Graduatoria idonei


European Label “Doctor Europaeus”

It is now possible to obtain the European Label “Doctor Eurapaeus” added to the title of “Dottore di Ricerca” (Ph.D.). The requirements to be fulfilled are:

  • The thesis must have been prepared in part subsequent to a research period of at least one trimester spent in another European country.
  • At least two referees from higher education institutions of European countries (other than the one where the thesis is defended) must have reviewed the thesis;
  • At least one member of the Board of Examiners should come from a higher education institution in a European country other than the one where the thesis is defended;
  • A part of the defence must take place in one of the EU official languages, other than the Italian;

Doctoral students who are eligible for the European label for their doctoral degree should apply to the Faculty Board by the end of their second year. When applying for the final examination, doctoral students should specify that they also apply for the label of Doctor Europæus.

Application Form (ita, eng)

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