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Exchange programme

Non-European Union countries

This programme is based on bilateral agreements between non-European Union Universities and LIUC for student mobility. In order to take part to this programme and carry out an exchange semester or year at LIUC you have to be a student of one of our partner universities in this programme.

Once you have been selected by your home institution you will receive information, forms and procedures from the International Office in LIUC, including all the necessary information concerning accommodation, courses and arrival.

The Application Online has to be completed by the deadlines indicated below (with the required documents).

  • Nomination deadline for first semester 1st May
  • Application deadline for first semester 31st May
  • Nomination deadline for second semester 1st November
  • Application deadline for second semester 15th November

After having completed the Application online, the International Office at LIUC will confirm your acceptance as an Erasmus+ student with an Acceptance letter and will send you further information on registration. Please ensure that all the requested information and forms are sent by the deadlines indicated below.

Before leaving your country, ensure that the International Office at LIUC has received the following documents. You will find further information about each document by clicking on the link below.

Documents: Application Online
1st Semester Deadlines: 31st May
2nd Semester Deadlines: 15th November

Documents: Learning Agreement
1st Semester Deadlines: end of July
2nd Semester Deadlines:  end of December

Documents: Accommodation Form
1st Semester Deadlines: 30th June
2nd Semester Deadlines: 30th November

Documents: Arrival Form
1st Semester Deadlines: 22th August
2nd Semester Deadlines: 18th January

If you need any further information on the enrolment procedures, please contact the International Office at

All students coming from outside the European Union are required to apply for a student visa to enter Italy. We advise you to contact the Italian Consular Authorities in your home country for further information as requirements are often subject to changes. This process can take one month or more, so please ensure you start procedures early.

You are required to apply for a student visa prior to leaving your home country. Applications should be made at your nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate. When you apply, be prepared to submit the following documents in their original form (no photocopies are accepted):

  1. valid passport
  2. letter of acceptance at LIUC
  3. proof of sufficient funds to support your stay in Italy, either through a scholarship or bank documentation.
  4. private health insurance

You will be informed upon arrival (during the Orientation week) about the procedures to be followed. All procedures will be done through the post office in Castellanza. To carry out these procedures you will be helped by the International Office during the Orientation Week.
Students applying for a “Permesso di soggiorno” should prepare the following documents for the Italian authorities:

  1. photocopy of student visa appearing on your passport
  2. 4 passport size photographs (scanned photos are not accepted)
  3. valid passport and one copy of all its pages
  4. “Marca da bollo” (Italian stamp duty) € 16,00 (to be bought in Italy)
  5. 1 copy of the declaration of admission to the University (provided by LIUC)
  6. bank statement or grant document with amount expressed in Euro that proves you can support yourself during your study period in Italy (documents accepted are: letter from your parents that they support you financially, a letter from you bank stating that you can support yourself financially) Please make sure you have this letter before leaving for Italy
  7. valid health insurance with clear coverage explanations if possible in English (period and country of validity).
  8. 1 copy of housing contract

Please ensure you have original documents as photocopies will not be accepted. This is an additional cost for students as they will have to pay in total around € 200,00

You are required to have some form of private insurance with a consular declaration of validity for Italy. You can contact the International office at LIUC for some suggestions concerning private insurance.

Accommodation: The cost per month for a double room in the Campus is 500€ per person; for a single superior room is 750€.

Food: A meal in an inexpensive Restaurant/Pizzeria is around 20€. A combo meal at McDonalds is around 9,50€

If a student lives in Milan:

Transports: 150€ per month

Metro (Tube/Subway): one way ticket (local transports) is 2,20€ – students monthly pass is 22€

From Castellanza station to LIUC: one way ticket (local transports) is 1,50€

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