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Erasmus+ programme

European Union Countries

This programme is promoted by the European Commission for student mobility inside the European Union. In order to take part to this programme and carry out one semester or one year with this programme at LIUC, you have to be a student of one of our Partner Universities.
Please refer to the International Office at your University in charge of this programme. You can be accepted as Erasmus+ student only after your university has formally informed us you have been selected as Erasmus+ student.

Once you have been selected by your home institution you will receive information, forms and procedures from the International Office in LIUC, including all the necessary information concerning accommodation, courses and arrival.

The Application Online has to be completed by the deadlines indicated below (with the required documents).

Nomination deadline for first semester 1st May
Application deadline for first semester 31st May
Nomination deadline for second semester 1st November
Application deadline for second semester 15th November

After having completed the Application online, the International Office at LIUC will confirm your acceptance as an Erasmus+ student with a letter and will send you further information on registration. Please ensure that all the requested information and forms are sent by the deadlines indicated below.

EU citizens are not required to obtain a visa unless they intend to stay more than 90 consecutive days in Italy.

Before leaving your country, ensure that the International Office at LIUC has received the following documents. You will find further information about each document by clicking on the link below.

Documents: Application Online
1st Semester Deadlines: 31st May
2nd Semester Deadlines: 15th November

Documents: Learning Agreement
1st Semester Deadlines: end of July
2nd Semester Deadlines:  end of December

Documents: Accommodation Form
1st Semester Deadlines: 30th June
2nd Semester Deadlines: 30th November

Documents: Arrival Form
1st Semester Deadlines: 17th August
2nd Semester Deadlines: 18th January

If you need any further information on the enrolment procedures, please contact the International Office at

Coming from an EU country you can use the Italian health service by presenting the European Insurance card, issued by the health insurance authorities of your country.
In any case, it is strongly suggested to have also a personal private health insurance.

Accommodation: from 400 to 780 €/month (including heating and electricity) (it could be in the Residence halls inside the University premises) or in a private flat) NOTE: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this information could be changed

Food: maximum of 300 €/month (it could be considered both if students prepare their own food or if they go out for lunches and dinners every day)

Social life: around 50 € (if you consider on day per month)

Books and similar: 100-150 € per month (if needed as most of the courses have their material online)

Transports (if a student lives in Milan): 150€ per month

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