1st Interdisciplinary EIASM Workshop on Sustainability and ESG Dynamics

26 ottobre 2023

1st Interdisciplinary EIASM Workshop on Sustainability and ESG Dynamics

26 ottobre 2023
26 ottobre 2023

The aim of this EIASM workshop is to create a unique forum for worldwide academic exchange of qualitative and quantitative research in the area of Sustainability Management, ESG Reporting & Impact Accounting, Governance for Environment & Social Issues, Integrated Reporting, SDGs and 2030 UN Agenda, Marketing and Greenwashing, ESG Data and Business, Sustainability Reporting Assurance (SRA), Green & Sustainable Finance.

In short, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) is an umbrella term that refers to specific data designed to be used by investors for evaluating the material risk that the organization is taking on based on the externalities it is generating. The data produced can also be used within an organization as metrics for strategic and managerial purposes. Investors may also use ESG data beyond assessing material risks to the organization in their evaluation of enterprise value, specifically by designing models based on assumptions that the identification, assessment and management of sustainability-related risks and opportunities in respect to all organizational stakeholders leads to higher long-term risk-adjusted return. Organizational stakeholders include but are not limited to customers, suppliers, employees, leadership, and the environment.

Hence, making emerge what is the state of the art pertaining to sustainability in business is deemed timely and necessary.

Research in all stages (PhD thesis, research in progress, and completed research) will be presented as well as speeches from scientists and/or practitioners are expected.

The workshop lasts two days, and is divided into the following five tracks:

  • Sustainability Management and Business;
  • ESG Reporting and Sustainability Performance Measurement;
  • Governance for Environmental and Social Impacts;
  • Communication and Marketing in Sustainability: Spotting Greenwashing;
  • Green and Sustainable Finance.

Please find further information through the following website.

Note that you do not necessarily have to present a paper to participate in the workshop. You can participate and listen to the presentations and thus meet and discuss with your colleagues in the field.

The registration link is on the official website and enrolling to the event is officially possible.

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