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PhD program

Rectoral Decree of 9/1/2020 regarding inactive PhD students n. 499

Rectoral Decree of 3/5/2021 regarding inactive PhD students n. 738


Enrollment to second and third year

Phd student is considered regularly enrolled after Faculty Board approval and yearly regional tax payment.
Making regional tax payment Phd student meets the requirement to present enrollment form.


Procedure for requesting duty stamped certificates

Once Phd students have completed their study they can ask for duty stamped certificates that can only be used in relationships between private individuals and entities, on which the following caption is printed, as required by law:

“This certificate cannot be generated for use by entities in public administration or private agencies administering public services.”

In order to obtain duty stamped certificates the interested party must personally bring or send the following by “posta raccomandata” to Phd office:

  • the certificate request form, on which a €16.00 duty stamp must be affixed
  • another €16.00 duty stamp for each certificate requested
  • € 5.00 for secretary duties

The certificates available are:

  • Phd title and date
  • Phd title and years of enrollment
  • Phd title, date and thesis title
  • Phd title and exams taken with evaluation


Self-certification forms

In accordance with article 15 of Law 183/2011, local authorities and agencies managing public services can no longer request or accept certificates from private individuals and entities that have been generated by other public offices.

For relationships with entities in public administration and agencies administering public services, self-certification forms are always used in lieu of certificates, which these same entities and agencies are obligated to accept; if they do not, it is considered a violation of their official duties.

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