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PhD program

Program description

  • The Program admits a maximum of eight Ph.D. applicants
  • The admission offer will be inclusive of financial support, defined as follows:
  1. 6 places with exemption from contributions to access and to attend, plus provision of scholarships;
  2. 2 places with exemption only from contributions to access and to attend
  • Duration of the program is 3 years
  • Courses are offered in English
  • After the methodological courses the program is organized in two tracks: ManagementFinance and Accounting
Area Courses
Quantitative Methods for Managerial Sciences Applied Statistics  – 4 ECTS
Optimisation Techniques  – 4 ECTS
Cross Section Data Analysis  – 4 ECTS
Time Series Analysis  – 4 ECTS
Business Research Approaches and Techniques Qualitative research methods in management – 4 ECTS
Management Research and Experiment Design – 4 ECTS
Modelling Decisions and Markets  – 4 ECTS
Social Network Analysis  – 4 ECTS
Management Supply chain and Logistics  – 2 ECTS
Innovation Management – 2 ECTS
Strategic Entrepreneurship  – 2 ECTS
Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources Management  – 2 ECTS
Finance and Accounting Theory of Financial Accounting  – 2 ECTS
Managerial Accounting and Performance Measurement  – 2 ECTS
Banking and Finance  – 2 ECTS
Decision Making and Asset Pricing  – 2 ECTS



Additional activities

  1. Computer seminars (2 ECTS)
  2. Information Literacy seminars (2 ECTS)
  3. Writing for Scholarly Publications seminars (2 ECTS)
  4. Research management and Research and funding system seminars (2 ECTS)
  5. Systems of evaluation and enhancement and intellectual property seminars (2 ECTS)
  6. English language course for obtaining certification at level 2 of QCER  (6 ECTS)
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