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Incoming students

Follow these steps to complete your application.

STEP ONE: Application forms

Once your University informs us that you have been selected to study at Università Carlo Cattaneo – LIUC for the Double degree programme, you will receive an e-mail with the instructions and forms for your Application.

Please check if you are coming from our partner universities.

The Application form has to be completed in all its parts and has to be sent along with the following documents:

  • 1 photo (scanned photos are not accepted) it will be used for the student LIUC card
  • Readable photocopy of your Identity card or Passport (driving licences are not accepted)
  • Current Transcript of records (academic certificate of exams passed in the home university before the mobility)
  • Language proficiency (it could be the form received along with the other documents or an English language certification like TOEFLS, IELTS, etc.) only if you are not English or Italian mother tongue

Download the Application form here.

Language proficiency

It is a document which should state the level of knowledge of English language of instruction. It can be the excel form sent to you by LIUC International Office along with all the other information and forms; or a recent international certification  like TOEFL, IELTS or similar. If you use the form provided by LIUC it has to be completed and signed by a language teacher or the International office of your home university.

Download the Language Proficiency Form here


Students will receive further information about their study plan at LIUC once their application will be processed as being part of the Double degree programme the International Office at LIUC will give indications for the study plan to be followed. Within this programme students will follow courses offered in English if they do not have a sufficient knowledge of Italian language.

Italian language courses

The University offers 3 levels of Italian language open to all exchange students.

  • Italian level 1 – Beginners
  • Italian level 2 – pre-intermediate
  • Italian level 3 – intermediate-advanced

All Double degree students are welcome to follow Italian language courses although they will not be considered towards the completion of the Double degree. It is not possible to combine levels.

STEP TWO: Housing request

NOTE: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this information could be changed

The University offers campus accommodation and guarantees a number of rooms for International Exchange students.

Students may of course make their own housing arrangements. In this case we suggest arriving at least 1 week before the Orientation Week to look for accommodation. You may apply for temporary accommodation at the campus hotel during your search.

Temporary accommodation

If you wish to book a room before arriving at the University you should send an e-mail to ru.pomini@libertatem.eu indicating the exact period of the stay. The Residence Halls will confirm the booking by e-mail. The payment has to be made upon arrival.

If you are arriving with friends or relatives, please write an e-mail to  ru.pomini@libertatem.eu to book a room for them.

Current rates are indicated on the booking form.

STEP THREE: Documents to be ready before arriving in Italy

DOCUMENTS FOR REGISTRATION, to be given to the International Office the first day of the Orientation week:

Students who do NOT require a visa to enter Italy

  • photocopy of your international health insurance card

N.B.= Non EU students currently studying in the European Union should check whether their current visa is also valid for Italy.

Students who do require a visa to enter Italy

  • photocopy of your health insurance
  • photocopy of student visa appearing on your passport

N.B.= all students from outside the European Union are advised to contact the Italian Consular Authority in their country to receive updated information about visa requirements for Italy. These students will be also asked to apply for a Residence Permit once they arrive in Italy, please check on the following link the documents required from the Italian Police.

STEP FOUR: Arrival form

NOTE: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this information could be changed

Please complete and send this form ONLY once you know all travel details and write in capital letters.

It is very important that the International Office has your arrival date and time by the deadlines:

  • First semester: 17th August
  • Second semester: 18th January

Students are required to arrive by the start of the Orientation Week. Please note that the campus accommodation is made available on the first of the month. Students arriving earlier can apply for temporary accommodation or make alternative arrangements.

Download the Arrival Form here

If you arrive by car it is essential that you give an approximate arrival time to the International Office (international@liuc.it).