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Capoprogetto: Raffaella Manzini

Durata: 2017 – 2018

Context and background:

In today’s dynamic environment, Technology Intelligence (TI) may be defined as «eyes» and «ears» of the Innovation and Open Innovation process. Companies try to stay abreast of technological developments, so that they need to:

  • monitor the current and future stages of technological changes
  • Anticipate directions and impacts of technological changes
  • React to technology-based threats and opportunities in a timely manner



Starting from a general question: «How can technology intelligence support decision-making processes?», the present research aims to integrate several intelligence tools in order to:

  • Fit different decision-making processes and different final users
  • Detail measures of innovation performance tailored for specific sectors
  • Link innovation performance with other set of performances (e.g. economic)


Expected results:

  • Frameworks to detail the TI indicators and how they can be adopted by different users, also according to the cost and time needed by each one;
  • Framework to detail the technology patent indicators and how they can be adopted by different decision makers, also according to the cost and time needed by each one;
  • Measurement system of innovation performance;
  • Combination of quantitative indicators and qualitative data for a deep understanding of the context;
  • Combination of innovation performances with other sets of performance such as economic ones;
  • Tailored reports for different decision- makers/users;
  • Publications regarding the different findings.
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