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Bachelor in Industrial Engineering

The aim of the Management Engineering degree course is to equip students with the skills needed to analyse and manage processes within a firm, preparing them to occupy medium-to-high level professional positions.
In line with this objective, the syllabus is designed to impart proficiency in the general scientific subject areas and methods, combined with concrete professional skills relating to the management of the business and industrial activities. Therefore, study of the traditional mathematical and scientific disciplines is combined with an emphasis on technological, business-economic and managerial aspects.
Graduates in Management Engineering will thus acquire a multidisciplinary training that will prepared them, among other things to:

  • Participate in teams for the design and development of new products.
  • Evaluate the economic feasibility of projects.
  • Make technological decisions.
  • Size a manufacturing plant and define its layout.
  • Plan and manage production.
  • Organise the procurement of materials and distribution of finished products.

Consequently, the main employment outlets for Management Engineering graduates are in manufacturing companies of all industry sectors, where they will be able to fulfil not just production and logistics roles, but also assist in the management decision-making processes. Other employment outlets include important sectors such as services companies, particularly in logistics, and industrial consultancy firms.




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