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School of Industrial Engineering

The role of the engineer is to analyse problems, design possible solutions, follow the realisation of the one chosen and, finally, verify the effectiveness and manage the operation.

Prof. Carlo Noè (Director)

It is in these five stages - analysis, design, implementation, validation and management - that engineers are able to express their skills, applying the "engineering method" in the economic, social and business context in which they operate.

The modern view of organisations puts an emphasis on the processes of the transformation of goods and the supply of services. The courses offered by the School of Industrial Engineering, LIUC - Università Cattaneo, this have the objective to train Management Engineers who are able to apply the engineering approach to complex processes in highly heterogeneous contexts.

Today the role of graduates in Industrial Engineering is increasingly important in companies; this is proved by the short entry times into employment of our graduates (less than two months from the date of graduation).

For this reason, the objective of LIUC is not only to ensure a quick and reliable work position, but to form "persons" who are able to contribute to the development of the organisations in which they operate and who are able to assume leadership roles and positions of responsibility, over time.

The structure of the educational offer, which is articulated in the Master of Science and Master of Science in Engineering Management, has four distinctive elements:

• direct confrontation with the world of work and companies;
• attention to the issues of innovation management, especially technology;
• opportunity to enrich the training pathway with international experience;
• maximum attention to the progression of the studies, combining training with mentoring and experiential learning, so as to ensure the completion of the study pathway in the expected number of years.

The training pathway is undoubtedly challenging, requiring perseverance and dedication, but at the same time it guarantees much satisfaction and a secure development of the student’s talents. From their first job interview at a company our graduates will show their personal and professional qualities.    Welcome on board!

The Director of the School

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