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School of Law

A. Malatesta
Prof. A. Malatesta (director)

The School of Law at LIUC - Università Cattaneo offers students the opportunity to prepare for entry into the legal profession as a lawyer, judge or a  public notary, and also to start an international legal career, in a new and open context, in the tradition of the university interdisciplinary approach.

Today the tasks facing the jurist for new generations have changed profoundly. Therefore the School has chosen to offer a programme of study significantly different from that generally offered elsewhere.

Based on the fundamentals of law, without which no lawyer can operate either in Italy or elsewhere, the School aims to combine the learning of economic fundamentals, essential to provide assistance to citizens and to companies, in an increasingly competitive market. Moreover, in order to allow real access to the market of international legal services, the School has developed a dedicated pathway, with several courses taught directly in English.

Students will have the opportunity to meet with their foreign peers, thanks to increased exchanges with other universities, around the world and the well-proven Summer/Winter Schools in China, Argentina and the U.S. in Arizona.

English language courses offered by the School of Law allow students to acquire a certificate in Legal English at an internationally recognised level.

In recent years there has been a growing integration with the world of work and the profession. This has allowed students direct experiences in law firms and companies also at an international level, thanks to their direct experiences of the practice of law and economics, to their language and computer skills

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