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Integrated Master of Science in Law

The aim of the Integrated Master in Law (5 years) is to give students a complete grounding in formal and substantial law, combined with the ability to understand its economic meaning and give economic contents a legal form, so that they are capable of working competently in industry, private practice or the public sector in Italy or abroad.

Students who graduate with the Integrated Master in Law will have the following competences:
- in-depth knowledge of the basic national and European legal culture, using case-study techniques and methods, in relation to subjects which help to understand and evaluate the principles or institutions of positive law;
- historical knowledge which enables them to evaluate positive law institutions from the perspective of their historical development;
- ability to produce legal (legislative, contractual or procedural) documents which are clear, relevant, effective in relation to the context of use, and well argued, possibly with the use of information technology;
- excellent interpretation, case study analysis, legal classification (classifying facts by types of offence), comprehension, representation, evaluation and awareness skills enabling them to deal with legal interpretation and application problems;
- methods to update their skills.
Students who graduate may work and be employed not only as lawyers and magistrates, but also in other in positions of responsibility in various social, socio-economic and political fields, in institutions, the public sector, private companies or trade unions, in the field of information technology law or comparative, international and EU law (European lawyers), or in international organisations, where lawyers’ analysis, evaluation and decision-making skills are invaluable even outside the strict confines of their profession.

The Integrated Master Degree entitles students who have graduated to take the State Qualifying Examination for lawyers and notaries and the competitive examination for magistrates and public officials.
Initially, the Integrated Master in Law provides students with a three-year common courses designed to provide the basic tools to the operator in any legal field.

Then, at the end of the three year course, it addresses the following two area:

- Legal Professions: this will enable students to acquire the knowledge necessary to enter the legal profession of choice (lawyer, notary, magistrate), as well as to be a criminal business of excellence;
- Global Lawyer: this is intended for students who wish to carry out their profession in companies operating in the global market.

Students will also have the opportunity to access a route “Double Degree” in order to achieve a Master of Science in Law and Economics. After graduating with a Master's Degree in Law, students may then enrol directly on to the second year of the MSc in Business Administration and Management, thus being able to conclude their study after one additional year.

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